What is a CDFA™?

The designation of Certified Divorce Financial Analysts™ is awarded by The Institute for Certified Divorce Financial Analysts™ (IDFA) to individuals who successfully complete the training and test requirements set by IDFA. IDFA is the premier national organization dedicated to the certification, education and promotion of the use of financial professionals in the divorce arena.

Certified Divorce Financial Analysts™ are trained to answer these questions and more for men and women in the process of divorce and to provide litigation support for their attorneys, which help them prove and often settle their case.

When contemplating a divorce, the first professional that comes to mind is an attorney. Typically a financial advisor is not considered until after the divorce becomes final. This can be a huge mistake. Not all attorneys are experts on answering financial questions. Your attorney is an expert in the law, but they do not necessarily know how to answer intricate financial details that concern tax issues, IRS rulings, capital gains, dividing pensions, etc. An attorney and a CDFA™ can complement each other, especially if your case is litigated. A CDFA™ can act as an expert witness who has worked on your case right from the start.

If both husband and wife come to agree that they can not compromise on their own private settlement arrangement, then selecting the right attorney becomes a very important decision. Having worked with many credible attorneys in the area, we can assist in matching both parties up with an attorney who will be an advocate for each parties specific needs and concerns. My staff and I in no way advertise that we can take the place of an attorney. We do not provide legal advice, but our expertise can cut the cost of a long court proceeding by paving the way to a fair settlement for each spouse.

A Certified Divorce Financial Analyst™ (CDFA™) is a valuable contributor to your team as a financial forensic expert, allowing you to concentrate on what you do best: crafting a legal strategy.  Given the financial intricacies arising from the dissolution of a marriage, we are here to help educate your clients and support your cases.  When your clients have a clear understanding of the financial ramifications of a divorce as well as a financial road map for the future, it makes it easier for you to focus on the legal strategies.

Some of the ways we can provide support are:

  • Review and analysis of stock options and other forms of employee compensation;
  • Lifestyle analysis for establishment of financial needs;
  • Pension and employee benefits valuation;
  • Compilation and valuation of assets and liabilities;
  • Establishing the tax basis of financial assets;
  • Multiple settlement scenarios with supporting documents detailing cash flows and net worth;
  • Tracing of assets;
  • Prepare financial exhibits to support your case;
  • Generally, a go-to financial forensic expert for all divorce related financial issues.

A CDFA™ is like a financial zoom lens, allowing you to stay in control of your cases while delegating the tedious details to a financial forensic expert.