Divorce Financial Solutions

When Divorce is Unavoidable, We Help Couples End Their Marriages Peacefully, Fairly and Affordably.
We can represent one or both spouses to help devise a fair financial agreement with property division, child support, retirement accounts, other financial issues and or alimony saving both parties undue expenses and not have to battle it out in court. Remember, going to court means you must abide by the judge’s decision and you may not be happy with that settlement.

What A Certified Divorce Financial Analyst CDFA™ Can Do For You

The designation of Certified Divorce Financial Analysts™ is awarded by The Institute for Certified Divorce Financial Analysts (IDFA) to individuals who successfully complete the training and test requirements set by IDFA. IDFA is the premier national organization dedicated to the certification, education and promotion of the use of financial professionals in the divorce arena.

The financial issues inherent to every divorce case are often times the ones that are the most overlooked. However, once a divorce settlement has been signed, it’s difficult to change it.

Who should keep the house? How much will it cost to live post divorce? How much alimony is there going to be and for how long? Will the custody arrangement affect child support? How can the retirement accounts be split and the money accessed? How can a business be offset? Should a business be valued? What is the value of health care benefits? Most important of all, will the clients be able to financially survive (and thrive) with the settlement post divorce?

Certified Divorce Financial Analysts™ are trained to answer these questions and more for men and women in the process of divorce and to provide litigation support for their attorneys, which help them prove and often settle their case.